The Tiniest Thai Diet Revolution

Be decisive. Take action. You can do this! 

We start again FALL 2017.

Rachel Redlaw
Rachel Redlaw

This 8-week weight loss program is based on the principles of a Thai-inspired way of eating and you'll find you're naturally changing how you think about your relationship with food and eating too.

This is a live, group program - the next round will be Fall 2017.

This is the diet for you if you've tried ALL THE DIETS already as this is a simple eating plan getting results by making easy changes.

it's also the diet for you if:

 * you want to lose weight easily (while eating delicious food!)

* you like cooking (or would like to start cooking as it's all very simple) 

* you want to make your meals fresh from scratch

* you like food with tons of flavour!

* you're more a savoury person than very sweet-toothed (I don't have a sweet tooth so don't create many sweet recipes)

* you like spicy food (it's not all spicy by any means, but chillies do feature although you can always adjust the amount to suit your taste)

* you want to get something really good to eat on the table pretty fast (it rarely takes longer than half an hour to make dinner)

All the information's HERE.

And if you're not sure if it's for you or not, book a quick call with me so we can talk and I'll help you see if it's a YES or a NO for you.

Please note: this is a great way of eating for meat-eaters and pescatarians.  However, there does tend to be fish sauce in many of these Thai-inspired dishes so I wouldn't recommend it for those eating a  vegetarian or vegans diet.

Rachel Redlaw gai gratiem garlic chicken
Rachel Redlaw
Rachel Redlaw


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